HA4500 Test Stand

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Main Features

  • High torque 35 kW DC drive motor.
  • Speed range 30-3000 RPM.
  • Direct drive system – DC motor is directly coupled to the flywheel.
  • Electronic feedback system providing negligible speed drop between full load and no load positions of the injection pump.
  • 12 line electronic fuel measuring system (spm) or open top graduate metering.
  • Pump advance and rack measurement displayed digitally.
  • Turbo boost pressure and phasing displayed digitally.
  • Versatile test platform for multi cylinder or single cylinder applications.

Drive System

Drive Motor

Speed Range


Speed Control


D.C Thyristor controlled, 35KW (47 HP).


30 – 3000 RPM.

Speed (rpm) 0 500 1000 2460

Power (kw) 0 17 35 35

Torque (Nm) 330 330 330 130

Closed loop speed control system with integral control giving zero steady state droop. Speed selection via a pc, with analogue speed trim adjustment of 10% for governor testing. Acceleration rate of 400 RPM per second. Ability to store/ select 6 commonly used speeds. Nudge function to orientate drive to aid pump mounting.

Inertia – 5.3 kgm2 (126 lbft2). Air operated brake for emergency stopping.

Anti-backlash coupling 600 mm2/stroke ISO rating rating or solid oldham drive coupling (optional). Suitable for 75, 90 and 120 mm drive couplings. Adaptors available for most drives.

Calibration System12 line electronic metering system (spm) or open top graduate.


Fuel Supply

Auxiliary 1

Auxiliary 2

Pressure Phasing

Lube Oil

Fuel Supply Temperature

Back Leakage

Boost Pressure (optional)

Advance (optional)

Rack (optional)

Digital display, resolution 1 rpm speed, stability ± 1 rpm.


Gauge. 1 bar to 7 bar, 30 in Hg to 60 psi (8 bar option available).

0 to 7 bar/0 to 100 Psi.

0 to 11 bar/0 to 160 Psi.

0 to 45 bar/0 to 650 Psi.

0 to 7 bar/0 to 100 Psi.

Digital display.

Flow meter, calibrated from 100-1200 cc3/min on ISO4113
test oil at 40°C.
0-3 bar.

Range +/-10 mm, Resolution 0.1 mm.

Range 30 mm, Resolution 1.0 mm.

Injector MountQuick release injector mount to accommodate up to 12 off ISO4010, ISO orifice plate and ‘T’ size injectors as well as other common types.
PhasingLow pressure spill and high pressure spill phasing as standard. Optional electronic phasing (0.1° resolution display).
Hydraulic SystemTest Oil Supply and Controls


Pressure Phase Supply


Temperature Control

Lube Oil Supply
External Calibrator (optional)

Shot Count

Cambox & Accessories (optional)


Electric motor directly driving a pump providing 1400 l/hr up to
7 bar (7-60 psi).


0 to 45 bar / 0-650 psi.
100 litre capacity/22 imperial gallons.

Display resolution of 0.1 temperature reading accuracy +/-0.2°C. System temperature controlling to +/-2°C. The default setting is 40°C but 25-65°C can also be set as an alternative.

250 l/hr at 50Hz and 300 l/hr at 60Hz. Pressure 0-7 bar/0 to 100 psi. Tank 14 litre capacity/3 imperial gallons.

An external calibrator HB219 which has a 1000 cc capacity can be fitted externally for measuring output from larger single cylinder pumps.

Variable between 1 and 9999 with the ability to store/select 8 commonly used shots, e.g. 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 1000 (applicable to the external single cylinder calibrator HB219).

A cambox kit is available for testing single cylinder pumps of C & CC up to 22 mm lift. The cambox has an integral flywheel giving additional inertia of 1 kgm2. A module loading trolley AC79 to facilitate assembly and storage is also available.

Two D.C Supply outputs of 0-24V at 3 amps, which can be parallel, connected to give 6 amps. Multipin 110V connector (for external single cylinder calibrator (HB219). Real time clock display. Socket for advance and rack transducer.


Electrical supply

Compressed Air


35 kw drive
3 Phase 380 – 440V 120 Amps 50Hz.
3 Phase 420 – 480V 120 Amps 60Hz.


6 bar (90 psi) Min: 8 bar (120 psi) Max.

8 lt. (1.7 imp gallons)/ min; 20°C Max temperature, pressure from 1-5 bar pressure.



Gross Weight: 2036 kgs
Net Weight: 1365 kgs
Case size: 245 x 138 x 223 cms
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